Your children are Not your children

Our children do not belong to us, so why do so many of us feel the need to control our children? To have them do exactly as we say when we say it, and if they don’t there is trouble for them? Why do so many, focus on the negative behaviours instead of praising them when they do something right? Why do we have so many parents telling their kids its not ok to hit, when they hit their kids for “discipline”?

When kids see anger and hatred, they are going to grow up with anger and hatred. When kids are hit, they grow up to hit and the cycles continues. To fix the world, to help our children thrive, we must first fix ourselves.

To be able to raise more conscious children, we must become more conscious parents. Our purpose is to love. To love our children, to love our family, to love our friends and to love our enemies. When we as parents, show that love is the only answer, our kids are going to grow up knowing that love conquers all.

If your kid does something they were not supposed to do, or has an accident of some sort, do you want them to feel safe to tell you about it? 
Will the way you react have your child feeling safe, or afraid? 
Will you tell your child that they should have known better, or they should have been more careful? Or will you tell them that you appreciate their honestly, you still love them, and you will figure out a way through the issue once everyone is in a better emotional state?

Our kids need to make their own mistakes for their own growth. We need to see them as real people, not just people in training.

Our kids soak up everything we do more then what we say, even when we think they arent watching and listening. 
If I am to tell my kids that they are only to eat healthy foods, yet I constantly have junk food in the house and thats all I eat, then they are going to follow in suit. 
If I tell my kids to be kind to people, and they see me saying unkind things, they are going to do the same. 
If I tell my kids that its ok to make mistakes but reprimand them every time they do, they are going to grow up believing its not ok to make a mistake.

I find myself lately, constantly checking in on the tone I am using with my children, because I constantly find myself telling my boys to change the way they are speaking to one another.

Be the example of what you want your kids to be. Be love! Be light! Be unlimited!

Teach them courage over fear. Teach them to take risks over always being safe. Teach them love over hate. Teach through your Positive actions!

If you think a year ahead, plant a seed.

If you think 10 years ahead, plant a tree.

If you think 100 years ahead, educate the people!

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