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An individualized 6 week program designed to help you love yourself, from the outside in!

A compilation of daily practices, to get you in the habit of putting YOU first and learning who YOU really are.

Weekly Distance Energy Sessions (with channeled messages and 30 minute follow up call each week)

Daily support and guidance from me

Weekly “program guide” with questions to really dig deep, meditations and more.

A whole lot of magic, self love and confidence!

Have you ever wondered “WHO AM I?

Truly wondered?

Not the name you were given, not the gender you see or feel, and not the age that your body is.

Really and truly, WHO AM I?

Recently while out for a walk with a friend, I ended up in tears saying “I feel like I don’t even know who I am!”

When really and truly – how do I not know? I am me!

I am the one sitting here observing these hands move and fingers type. I am the one seeing through these eyes looking at this computer screen. And I am the one who hears the kids playing in the basement.
But I am not my body. I am not my name. And I am not my enemy, like I sometimes I have felt I am. I have a body, I have a name, and I have a mind that I have an inner dialogue with at times, but these things do not define me, nor make me, ME. I didn’t have this body when I was a baby, or 5, or 15 or 30. I had A body, but not this exact body. I have a name, but you can call me whatever you want and if I know you are talking to me, I will respond to that name. I was born Jessica Oakley, but I am now Jessica Bristol. My kids call me mom, some of my friends call me Jess and some others call me Jessie. Those names don’t make me, ME.

To feel as though I don’t know who I am or that I shouldn’t be in this body; as though me, the soul, wants to be free, is the resistance in me; to my own human experience.  I was put here to experience all that I am so I can use those experiences to help change and expand others’ lives and minds, but to also help myself learn to be more present, here and now. In the human part of my existence.

I have noticed my resistance in the present moment lately, always seeming to be searching for the next thing, something else other then what I have or what I am doing. And noticing it in myself, only happened because I started to notice it in my kids. They are a constant mirror that I am always looking into.
Becoming frustrated with them, really and truly is just a frustration inside myself. Their screaming, the way they speak to one another, it’s all a reflection back at me.

Now instead of judging myself for the things I see in them, I am able to acknowledge these things inside myself and I have begun to surrender and observe them. Asking questions to my inner critic to spark a real need to be present.

What is this feeling inside of me? What is it trying to tell me? What am I resisting?

For me, it’s resisting my human experience. The anger, anxiety, discomfort and fear I am feeling inside are telling me to embrace the human parts of me and the human experiences that I am having and to help teach others to embrace and love those parts of their own human selves. Also to be kinder and gentler with myself when I feel these things, instead of telling myself this isn’t how a spiritual person reacts. I’m a spiritual person, and I am reacting so obviously this is how a spiritual person reacts, right?!

I saw a meme recently and it resonated hard.

“People are so focused on trying to ascend when they haven’t even mastered grounding yet.”

I have been focused more on the spiritual part of my journey that I let the physical part of me get left behind, but my spiritual journey also helped me realize that.

Have you ever resisted looking in the mirror for fear of the physical body that you see looking back at you?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and judged the body you saw in it?

Have you ever wished that the body you were looking at in the mirror did not belong to you or looked a different way?

I sure have! All at different stages of my life. All at times in my life when I should have loved my body… and I should have loved my body EVERY DAMN DAY OF MY LIFE! It’s the body that continues to change, grow, and carry me through this life that I am living out this human experience in. It’s the body that has its own universe within it, that can grow humans from a tiny part of itself and another. And if I hate it on the outside, I’m going to feel that on the inside.

When you love things on the outside, authentic love can rise naturally.

Over the past year, I have grown a new and profound love for my body, by taking selfies and having my husband take pictures of me naked (or mostly naked). Taking naked pictures is something I have done for many years, and to be honest, in the beginning they were definitely not for me. They were only for my husband, and slowly I began to show my friends because I really felt beautiful and sexy in them. I wanted my friends to want that feeling for themselves as well. I want EVERYBODY to love EVERY PART of their BODY and showing my body and how much I love it, empowers others to truly love their own!!

We may have the “ideal body” in mind, but when we truly ask our bodies what they want to look like and how they want to feel, magic happens. My body hasn’t always been a part of myself that I loved. And it hasn’t always been the size it actually wanted to be.  And now I can’t ever imagine going back to that feeling!

I have channeled a vision that I have felt within myself for a very long time. The experiences I have been through, the struggles I’ve faced and the lessons I’ve learned, have helped me to love all parts of my physical body, connect with what I truly am, be aware of who I am and know my worth, become more conscious and present in my day to day life and speak my truth. It is a continuing work in progress each day because our journeys are never ending, but the foundation and groundwork I have put together, with my own magical touch of weekly distance energy healing sessions, will help to bring you back to the basis of who you are, why you are here and help you to grow to truly love yourself like you never have before!

The amount of work you put in, will determine what you get out; but I promise you, if you put in the work each day, you will see changes in your life you’ve only dreamed were possible.

I have created magic behind this screen, from inside this body, looking through these eyes. The journey we are about to embark on is the one you have been waiting for.


If my words resonate with you and speak to you, the soul, then join me on this remarkable transformative adventure. You must be ready and willing to shed all of the limitations that have been holding you back – mind, body and soul, embrace yourself for who you are, and learn to love ALL PARTS of your physical body so you can truly LOVE YOU!

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