Are you ready to dig deep within yourself to find that voice of inner calm, inner knowing and complete understanding that you know more about yourself and how to connect with your intuitive side then you think?

Are you ready to learn that you are never alone, and that we are ALL made of up energy, and we ALL have the ability to communicate with spirit (energy)?

Are you ready to learn how to open yourself up to communicating with that energy?

My 1 on 1 spiritual coaching takes you beyond the physical world. It opens you up to explore all the universe has to offer and how to expand your awareness to what is really real and true for you, beyond your 5 physical senses.

You will receive 4 distance healing sessions for the month. One each week to help balance your chakras, clear your energy, and raise your vibrational frequency to be more open to connecting to and receiving messages from the spirit/energetic realm.

We will dive into the basics of meditation and journaling

I will teach you all about Clair Senses and we will find out which ones you already have that you may not even be aware of.

I will teach you how to feel the energy of spirit around you.

You will relearn how to connect with the energy of the spirit realm. This is where you came from, and you have most likely been programmed to shut off that part of yourself.

We are ALL spirits having a human experience, and I am here to help you reconnect with the spirit part of yourself.

Are you ready to learn to embrace who you forgot you were and step back into your conscious spiritual power??

If you ARE…

Lets hop on a FREE 15 minute call to see if we are a good energetic match to work together.

When you sign up you will get…

FOUR (4) Distance Healing/Clearing Sessions
FOUR (4) 30 minute transformation calls
Weekly ‘program’ information
1 Free Spiritual Mediumship Reading *To be redeemed at any time (not just during our work together)* ($100 value)
Unlimited access to me via messenger or text

Financial Investment $555/month